• Domestic Regular Clean

  • If you want your home to be shiny and clean, JKP cleaning can offer a regular house cleaning service on a daily, fortnightly or monthly basis. Or we can help you in urgent cleaning needs, such as ONE-OFF CLEANING, CARPET CLEANING, WINDOW CLEANING or SPRING CLEANING.

    Big houses and tiny flats, they both need to be cleaned and tidied on a regular basis in order to keep up with the healthy environment. That is why we would recommend you to take advantage of the Domestic Cleaning service provided by JKP Cleaning.

    Domestic Cleaning Services cover the main daily tasks – your house will be in good hands with our professional cleaners. Your home will be put in order with the following cleaning tasks:

    • General Cleaning – washing, surface cleaning, bathroom cleaning, dust and stain removal.
    • Washing the dishes – includes polishing the plates and cups and ordering the kitchen appliances on your drying furnace.
    • Cleaning kitchen appliances – forget about the dust, the grease, and the disgusting sticky surfaces in your cooking area.
    • Washing windows from the inside – you may combine this task with the special JKP External Windows Cleaning service.

    You should also know that our cleaners are vetted and fully insured. You can also take the benefits of our special option for visitation and viewing before hiring the maid. Getting to know your daily cleaner and giving your instructions and requirements will optimize our position to have your home wonderfully cleaned and tidied daily, fortnightly, weekly or monthly.